Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council made the commitment to build upon on its successful Nunavut Breast Cancer Project. The council recognizes that breast cancer is only one of many types of cancers faced by the women of Nunavut. In order to meet the needs of women with other cancers, the council decided to continue initiatives around community capacity building and advocacy for improved health practices for women in Nunavut with breast and other cancers.

The project objectives are:

  • To continue to build an information network on breast cancer in Nunavut (CCB)
  • To better support cancer survivors on their personal journey
  • To support cancer survivors to reach out to inform community members
  • To expand the cancer information base around breast cancer to include other cancers such as lung and cervical, that affect Nunavummiut women.

The project activities are:

  • Continues dialogue with educators and health representatives on ideas for effective use of the Breast Health Education Kit, and additional resource educational mail-out kit
  • Strengthen and maintain Nunavut Breast Cancer Advocacy and survivors group
  • Increase human resources through educational workshops or training of college or high school students about cancer, healthy body, early detection and breast self examination.

Encouraging more youth to pursue a career in medical or health sciences:

  • Continue to promote and expand on Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women’s Council, Women and Cancers website
  • To develop resources and workshop material on prevention and early detection regarding breast cancer and other cancers
  • To contact and establish relationship with three major southern cancer centres that serve the clients of Nunavut

The expected results of the project are:

  • Better use of Breast Cancer kits and additional resources provided over the last few years at the community level
  • Increased public awareness at the community level of breast cancer and other cancers affecting women and families in Nunavut
  • Improved knowledge and advocacy around health issues, including other cancers
  • More effective use and access of website
  • To ensure support to women in southern centres accessing cancer information and treatment

Tools to be used to measure achievement of objectives are:

  • Qualitative evaluation by educators, survivors, and health professionals
  • Frequency of survivor outreach to communities
  • Frequency of survivor involvement on a national basis
  • Amount of involvement of BC survivors in fundraising projects and/or national groups
  • Assessment of resources, gaps, and needs
  • Kit evaluation forms
  • Frequency and quality of networking
  • Survey — women coming forward
  • Evaluating our means to reach out to women living with BC or other cancers

Project deliverables are:

  • Expanded user guide for information kit on breast health (translated into four languages)
  • Evaluation results report
  • Nunavut breast cancer information website
  • By utilizing media resources

Dissemination of results is:

  • By mail outs of user guide to all communities
  • Via the Nunavut Telehealth teleconference system for training
  • By reports to the partners and funders
  • By follow-ups and gathering feedback