Qulliit is committed to promoting women’s wellness. Here is one example of past projects promoting wellness.

    Sigliaqtugunagungittunga upi (I don’t smoke because)

    Qulliit Nunavut Status of Women Council has requested funding to develop a one-year project under the Prevention, Cessation and Education Component of the Federal Tobacco Control Strategy. The project focuses primarily on prevention and education, while also incorporating protection and cessation.

    Smoking is a major cause of cancer amount the Inuit, with an estimated 80-85% of all lung cancer being caused by smoking or by exposure to cigarette smoke. In Canada, 32% of the population are smokers, while among the Inuit, 72% of the population smoke. According to the cancer registry, lung cancer accounted for 34% of cancer cases documented between 1988-1997. Nunavut also has the highest rates of severe RSV bronchioles in the world, which is being attributed to exposure to second hand smoke as well. Unfortunately these health issues are likely to increase and worsen and currently the percentage of youth who smoke on a daily basis in Nunavut is nearly three times the national average with 42.1% of males and 50.5% of females between the ages of 12-19 reporting that they are daily or occasional smokers. This is the population we are targeting in this project, the youth from across Nunavut.

    We believe this is a project that is both feasible and will be readily supported by our partners, with whom we have forged excellent working relationships in a collaborative and consultative paradigm. We have been involved in several other youth-focused projects, all of which involved working closely with community and governmental partners. Qulliit believes that by working together we can make significant change.

    Project objectives:

    • Increase dialogue between youth on the issue of smoking and health risks
    • Increase youth knowledge on the pros and cons of smoking
    • Decrease the number of youth that choose to smoke
    • Encourage current smokers to consider quitting
    • Empower youth to make healthier choices