Qulliit President Donna Adams, speaking about women as leaders in Nunavut:

“It is an exciting day for those women interested in pursuing leadership roles in their communities, territories and country! The sky is the limit for women of all ages.

I think women are natural leaders.

It is essential for leaders to be innovative, strong, resourceful and there to help people around them and to make things better for people’s lives. Our natural characteristics of nurturing and establishing support for our loved ones enrich people’s lives. Today is a day of change for the better. We have been putting up with enough barriers. With the walls coming down, I see an opportunity for more women to be a part of making decisions and applying parts that have been void for so many years. This will bring about an outcome where we can visibly see positive changes in our places of work and play. Our input is valuable. There must be a balance between genders for a more holistic way of doing things. The old is on its way out and the new is on its way in! By this I mean that we need to focus on life today, what it means to men, women, elders and children alike and to be able to take the positive roles and responsibilities of our past and combine it with the ever-changing roles and responsibilities of today’s leaders and role models. Without the involvement of women in our society today, the community loses out. Together, we can bring prosperity to the table and ensure our future continues in a well-balanced structure that furnishes protection, continuity and identity for all. Our natural instincts of maintaining a closely integrated group must be a part of our world as it is presently.”